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Easy-Going Al Fresco Parties

You dress for the occasion. You should dress your table, too.

Assembling a Pinterest-worthy table for a summer gathering can be a challenge. It all begins with the glassware. You could opt for those red plastic cups—but along with a lack of sophistication, they hide the beauty of refreshing beverages. Fine crystal has that sparkle, but it isn’t the most practical choice for outdoor parties. Glass, on the other hand, is beautiful, and isn’t averse to a few overzealous toasts.  

Choose easy-going glassware.  

Rather than masking a rose or dulling the taste of a 20-year-old scotch, bring out the flavors and delight your guests with our new, easy-going barware and wine glasses. You’ll also spare yourself post-party cleaning—these beauties are dishwasher-safe.

This year, it’s all about stemless wine glasses. Seen first in Sonoma’s trendiest restaurants, these clever glasses are designed to make a statement, whether you prefer pinot grigio or malbec. And because the Trendsetter has a wide foundation, there’s little chance of spillage.

For those who prefer spirits or cocktails, opt for Brilliance barware. Both savvy and stylish, these glasses exude a laid-back sophistication—perfect for al fresco parties. Bonus: both Trendsetter and Brilliance are offered at our lowest price: Just $25 for a blank set of two.

Ditch the flowers. Monogram instead.

If you’re a partygoer looking for a host gift, forget flowers. They wither and die. Choose a classic monogram for these glasses. They’re timeless, sturdy, and guaranteed to increase beverage enjoyment (and your status as a friend) for years to come.

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