Personal, meaningful gift vs. typical gift. Your call. – Clink Barware

Personal, meaningful gift vs. typical gift. Your call.

Buying the perfect wedding gift can be tough. Sure, you could pick something from the registry and call it a day. Chances are, ten years from now the happy couple isn’t going to remember who got them the blender or the toaster oven (or the pasta maker they’ve never even used). Get them something they’ll cherish forever—a gift that will help fill their hearts with fond memories, and their bellies with delicious adult beverages.

Custom monogrammed crystal wear may just be the perfect gift. It’s classy. It’s beautiful. It shows you put some thought into your choice, unlike all the other people who took the easy way out. Just combine the bride and groom’s initials into one monogram, and they’ll forever be reminded of the day they officially became one. It’s something they’ll proudly display in their China cabinet for the rest of their lives. And every time they raise a toast, they’ll remember who got them such a thoughtful gift. Go ahead. Get them some champagne flutes. Or maybe the couple is more of the wine type. No matter what you decide, you’ll be the wedding gift hero.

And the secret best part of all: personalized crystal is not going to be re-gifted (not that they’d want to anyway).

Can’t say that for the pasta maker.

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