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Top 7 Gifts for Guys Who Have Everything

We rounded up our favorite charmingly masculine gifts that we can all but guarantee the men in your life don’t have yet. Let them swig from classic vessels for craft brews or sip whisky without diluting the flavor. Give them a place to keep treasured notes or charge their multitude of devices in style.   Monogrammed Decanter & Rocks Glasses The finest we have: Hand blown, hand cut, lead crystal. And with his initials? Timeless.   Monogrammed Beer Glasses No matter what brew he imbibes, we have a glass to suit him. For the stout-hearted: For the pilsner...

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Give thanks and spread good cheer with a well-dressed table.

Pinterest is filled with table settings that are better dressed (and have more bling) than Tom Brady. But the good news is that you don’t need to be Nate Berkus to set an inspiring table. All it takes is a little prep, a few seasonal elements, and Clink’s crystal serving pieces and glassware.  Here are a few simple ideas to enchant your guests.   Go natural with decorations. Pears have a lovely shape, and are abundant right now. Use them to top off a plate setting by placing a folded napkin on each plate, and setting a pear on top...

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Redefining Bar Essentials

Too many of our friends have succumbed to the disposable fashion mindset: buying “basic” glassware because it looks good, is less expensive, and is readily available at the mall. The problem? Looks can be deceiving. Dime-a-dozen glasses can shatter at the thought of a common toast (or a heavy-handed wash)—and ultimately cost you more in both dollars and social snafus. Where’s the savvy in that?                                                                                         Save yourself and your friends from the cycle of buying lesser barware. This holiday, invest in high quality, affordable pieces that stand the test of time.   Enter two new collections: the New Basics...

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Easy-Going Al Fresco Parties

You dress for the occasion. You should dress your table, too. Assembling a Pinterest-worthy table for a summer gathering can be a challenge. It all begins with the glassware. You could opt for those red plastic cups—but along with a lack of sophistication, they hide the beauty of refreshing beverages. Fine crystal has that sparkle, but it isn’t the most practical choice for outdoor parties. Glass, on the other hand, is beautiful, and isn’t averse to a few overzealous toasts.   Choose easy-going glassware.   Rather than masking a rose or dulling the taste of a 20-year-old scotch, bring out...

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Personal, meaningful gift vs. typical gift. Your call.

Buying the perfect wedding gift can be tough. Sure, you could pick something from the registry and call it a day. Chances are, ten years from now the happy couple isn’t going to remember who got them the blender or the toaster oven (or the pasta maker they’ve never even used). Get them something they’ll cherish forever—a gift that will help fill their hearts with fond memories, and their bellies with delicious adult beverages. Custom monogrammed crystal wear may just be the perfect gift. It’s classy. It’s beautiful. It shows you put some thought into your choice, unlike all the...

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It's Not Just a Mother's Day Gift, It's War!

With Mother’s Day just a few weeks away, millions of red-blooded Americans are hunkering down for battle…the battle for the Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever.  Millions of other Americans are blissfully unaware this battle is even taking place. That’s okay. But for those of use who are, well, “kind of competitive,” this battle is real. Maybe our siblings picked on us when we were little. Maybe it was one too many games of Punch Buggy. Whatever. Now that we’re adults, Mother’s Day is where we even the score. Game on! Choose Your Strategy Carefully Choosing the right Mother’s Day gift...

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