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Chill Out With One of These Warming Cocktails You've Gotta Try Now.


The weather can’t make up its mind this winter. We’re getting snow in Biloxi, Mississippi and the usual areas up north are getting massive dumps of the white stuff. One way to stay warm and chill is to mix up one of these delicious hot toddies, park yourself in front of the fireplace and relax. Winter is cold after all, and so let’s turn lemons into warm luscious drinks (See the lemony Winter Hill recipe)!

Cocktail: Winter Hill 
Ingredients: 2 orange wedges, 2 lemon wedges, 2oz bourbon, .5oz Cointreau, 2 dashes chocolate bitters, hot water, cloves
How to make it: Muddle fruit, add ice and rest of ingredients. Shake, strain, and top with hot water.

Cocktail: Milk & Honey
Ingredients: 1.75oz Bénédictine, milk, orange slice, cinnamon stick
How to make it: Warm milk, combine ingredients. Garnish with orange and cinnamon.

Cocktail: Autumn Chai Swizzle
Ingredients: 2oz Baileys, 3oz chai, brown sugar, cinnamon stick
How to make it: Brew tea, add sugar, and stir. Fill mug with tea, top with Baileys, and stir it with cinnamon stick.

Cocktail: Indian Summer
Ingredients: 2oz apple brandy, hot apple cider, pinch of cinnamon & sugar
How to make it: Mix ingredients, stir, garnish with cinnamon stick.

Cocktail: Oaxaca Chakas
Ingredients: 2oz añejo tequila, .75oz agave nectar, 1oz heavy whipping cream, 2oz milk, Oaxacan chocolate powder, whipped cream
How to make it: Mix in a pot, heat, and pour. Garnish with whipped cream.

Cocktail: Hot Buttered Rum
Ingredients: 1 small pat of soft butter, 1tsp brown sugar, vanilla extract, 2oz dark rum, hot water, cinnamon/spice/something nice
How to make it:Place butter and spices in bottom of a mug, or Irish coffee glass if you're fancy/Irish. Muddle, pour rum, and top with hot water.

Cocktail: Tom & Jerry
Ingredients: 1 egg, .5oz simple syrup, 1oz dark rum, 1oz Cognac/brandy, hot water/milk, grated nutmeg
How to make it: Separate egg white from yolk and give them both a severe beating. Combine with syrup, rum, and brandy. Fill with hot water, stir, top with nutmeg.

Cocktail: Irish Coffee
Ingredients: 1oz Irish whiskey, 2tsp brown sugar, 4oz strong black coffee, whipped cream
How to make it: Stir sugar and coffee together. Add whiskey and stir again, then top with cream.

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