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Five Celebs and Their Favorite Libations. Are You A Match?

It’s always telling to see what celebrities take on as their favorite cocktail or go-to tipple. Are you a match with any of these super-star favorites?


Jennifer Aniston

She loves this singularly most popular drink around with a twist: make Jen’s with silver tequila, cucumber, pineapple juice and some cilantro please. Sounds pretty interesting, just like Aniston herself.

Brad Pitt

Did that surprise you? He IS the all-American type so it does make sense. But interestingly enough, he favors a big, strong European beer over American brews.

Angelina Jolie

If she’s going to drink, she’s going to do it with a clean, simple shot of smooth tequila. She isn’t naming her brand of choice, but we’d bet it’s a reposado. Reposados don’t kill the agave plant like añejos do. And Angelina is a pretty considerate celeb. She wouldn’t want to kill an agave plant just for the sake of tequila.

Jack Daniels

What did you think? Irish whiskey? Not this Irish rocker. All-American Jack Daniels, or tea as his non-spirit choice. Wonder if he likes it on the rocks or straight up. We’ll have to ask him.

Jay z and Beyonce drink Armand de Brignac Champagne

Jay Z
Armand de Brignac Champagne

A man after our own heart. A fine French bubbly. And we mean FINE. This champagne can go for five figures or more per golden bottle. Mark Cuban is also a fan, as are a raft of other rich and famous muckety-mucks.

Got a favorite drink? Let us know. And check out our fabulous crystal barware that goes with any celebrity-style cocktail you can think of.

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