A Toast To Our Veterans on Veterans Day. Any purchases this week will help support Veteran causes.

American FlagThere are 23 million veterans in America. They fought for our freedoms and way of life.

We, who have not served, cannot possibly understand what these brave men and women have experienced at war. Deployed or not, you have endured grueling training, being away from loved ones, uncertainties and loss of friends who have paid the ultimate price, which makes you our country’s heroes, all.

Today we toast you and thank you for your service. Even though there is not enough well wishes we can give to show our utter appreciation and respect.

We hope everyone today will raise a glass to our Veterans. #ClinkToThat

Here is a toast we plan to use:

To those who went to war for us.

Those who died for us.

Those who came back alive, but forever changed.

Those who do not get enough support for their sacrifices.

Thank you a thousand times over, for without you, we would not be living the life we live in this country. Freedom is not free.

Any purchases made this week Nov 11-15, we will donate a percent of the proceeds to Veteran nonprofit causes. 
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