Welcome To Clink Barware. Let's Toast the toast.

Welcome To Clink Barware. Let's Toast the toast.

Today is a celebration of cheer and unity everywhere. This marks the first day CLINK Barware is made available online to everyone – wherever you are across the US and around the world. Can world peace really be that far behind? We think not. We’ll CLINK to that.

But where did this whole toasting phenomenon come from? Truth be told, as a species, we’ve been doing it so long, no one can really remember. But it does have some inspiring qualities about the action that have, no doubt, contributed to its longevity as a custom.

To toast someone brings about an instant sense of unity, a bonding, under a shared wish or desire. The connection is real. You make eye contact, you bring your glasses together, you bring the shared beverage (we recommend a 12 year single-barrel bourbon – or equivalent) back together – if only for one last brief moment in time. And then you all drink together in a single motion. Here’s to us – sharing a tradition that transcends the centuries, the sexes, the continents, and even the football affiliations.

And what about the distinctive “clink” sound that is produced? It adds dimension to the toast in that it provides an additional gift to the senses. Almost with the character of a sweet starting bell, the clink signals that the wish is complete and its time to consummate the shared approval. If you doubt this for a moment, we highly recommend you trying clinking our sweet Cake Day Champagne Flutes with your most intimate friends and see if that doesn’t start something sensational – if only for the afternoon.

CLINK – What better name could there be for Barware that now brings the highest quality glassware, cocktail glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses and more – perfectly personalized with hand-engravure to a world hungry to form new bonds. Do we really think that the arrival of CLINK Barware is the beginning of the end of the world’s problems? Not by a long shot. Or even a series of short, well-poured brandy shots. But we do believe, with all our heart, that it’ll make this journey with each other on our planet just a little more enjoyable – one shared experience after another. We’ll CLINK to that too.

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