Why You Should Try a Spanish Cava instead of Champagne This New Years. (Price being one reason.)

In Spain, cava (the Spanish word for the cellar where wines are kept) is the drink of choice around the holidays. Christmas Eve dinner (La Noche Buena) and New Year’s Eve (La Noche Vieja) just wouldn’t be the same with out it.

But cavas are gaining momentum in America because they are delicious (made using the same method as French Champagne) and are more readily available and affordable than ever. They pair so well with the sweet and savory aspects of the meals served during this time of year, too.

The six official types of cavas are as follows, depending on the sugar content:            

Extra Brut – 0-6 grams of sugar per liter, the driest of the cavas            

Brut – 0-15 grams of sugar per liter            

Extra Seco – 12-20 grams of sugar per liter            

Seco – 17-35 grams of sugar per liter            

Semi-Seco – 33-50 grams of sugar per liter            

Dulce – More than 50 grams of sugar per liter, the sweetest of the cavas

So try something new and different this New Year’s Eve. Toast to the Spanish cava and enjoy! (We’ll be clinking to that ourselves!)

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