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Thanksgiving Wines Made Easy—Pick one of these 3

Don’t we all have enough on our plates (literally and figuratively) during Thanksgiving than to add on with a heap of pressure to pick wines that go with the plethora of flavors being served up? YES WE DO. So no more.

Here’s a pretty easy and well suited choice of wines for the basic sweet and heavy meal that is Thanksgiving dinner. And it AWLAYS works. From green bean casserole to potatoes, turkey, ham and cornbread stuffing with oysters. Even down to the pies, mousses and other heavenly sweet delights that round it all off.

Pick a light and refreshing Riesling or sparkling wine. Yep. That’s it. Riesling has some sweetness to it that very well complements the multiple flavors being served and sparkling wine or Cava or Prosecco refreshes as well. You want that fruity and slightly acidic bent. 

If you MUST have red, go for the always popular Pinot Noir or Beaujolais Nouveau. We suggest an Oregon Pinot, although a California Pinto is a good choice, too. If you like French wines, then go French. It’s all good.

So put all that energy you would’ve used up stressing about the wine, into stressing about where to put grandma who likes to do her “organ recital” (you know, talking about all her aches and pains in various organs) about halfway into dinner.

Cheers and we Clink to you having fun and enjoying the meaning of the day more than allowing it to overwhelm you.

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