Clink Barware promises a Facebook page with no political posts. Really. (And $15 off when you "like" us.)


Who is tired of all those political posts on Facebook?

Has it made you literally lose friends that you once adored—before you found out their political side was not meshing with yours? Who knew quiet little Mary from grade school was not so quiet any more?

Clink Barware officially announces NO MORE POLITICAL POSTS.

Life is supposed to be fun. A celebration. Every moment is better filled with things that make you smile, belly laugh, have an “ah-ha” or get an itch to spontaneously run barefoot through the grass.

So why not join us on Facebook as we attempt to bring this lighter side of life to your life. There has to be a balance and we’re going to step up to fill that role.

Like our page now and unlock a coupon code for $15 off  from our store of customized barware or gifts. The holidays are just around the corner, you know. Monogrammed gifts are personal and as fun to give as they are to get.



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