Der Hefé German Pilsner - 16.5oz Beer Glass` – Clink Barware

Der Hefé German Pilsner - 16.5oz Beer Glass


Der Hefé is a tall, European-style beer glass designed to capture the aroma and flavors of german style beers like pilsners, lagers, and hefeweizens. The wide mouth and "tulip" shape make for an optimal European drinking experience. 

Volume: 16oz
Dimensions: 9.75"H x 3"W
Materials: Machine-blown Glass
Features: Smooth curves, excellent clarity, fine rim.
Care: Dishwasher Safe!
Packaging: Single glass box or gift sets in multiples of two.

Perfect Pairings: German Lagers, Pilsners, Hefeweizens, American Ales, and Lagers