Welcome to Club Clink where we serve up tasty ideas and keen insight about beer, spirits and wine. We have experts in each area so you can learn more about your beverage of choice, or get inspired to try something new. So, pour yourself a tall one – in a Clink Barware glass of course – and get ready to have some fun. Cheers!

Eat, Drink and be Merry!

The great thing about wine is that it's made to be enjoyed with food. Finding the right pairing of food and wine enhances the flavor...

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Meet The Experts

Beer Ben, The Beer Guy

Hi! I’m Ben, also known as Beer Ben. I love everything about beer and would love to share a few stories about my quest to try as many different types of beer with great people around the world. But I want to hear from you too. So, ask me a question or share your own beer tale. Cheers!

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Eva, The Mixologist

Hello, I’m Eva. My job is to find the perfect cocktail for you. So whether you’re looking for a smooth bourbon or a fruity martini, I’ve got the recipes to make your taste buds tingle. I also love finding cool new hangouts, so expect to hear about some of the more interesting watering holes I’ve found.

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Philip, The Sommelier

Hi, I’m Philip, and I’m here to make wine more fun! I wholeheartedly believe that wine is one of the best things on this planet and that it’s meant to be enjoyed – not stressed over! So let me help you find the right wine for you – not just what some fussy experts says you should like.

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